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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


Barracuda CloudGen Firewall version 8.0 is a cloud-only version. It is currently not available for on-premises deployments and can only be deployed in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform public clouds.

How to Retrieve the DUID from the IPv6 Lease File

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In some cases, your ISP may require the DUID to configure your IPv6 WAN access. The DUID is stored on the firewall in /var/phion/preserve/boxnet/DHCPv6 in the file dhclient<n>.leases, where <n> stands for the number of the DHCP interface. When creating a PAR file, these lease files are not archived. Although these configuration files are recreated by the DHCPv6 client on its first restart after re-installing or restoring the firewall from a backup, the original DUID information must be restored manually into these files.

How to Retrieve the DUID from the Original IPv6 Lease File

Create a backup of your DUID after the first successful DHCPv6 connection to your Internet provider.

  1. Log into your firewall via SSH.
  2. Enter cd /var/phion/preserve/boxnet/DHCPv6
  3. Locate the configuration file dhclient<n>.leases for the interface, where <n> stands for the number of the DHCP interface. For example: dhclient1.leases.
  4. Enter less dhclient<n>.leases to list the content of the DHCPv6 file. Note: <n>  stands for the number of the DHCP interface.



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