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How to Configure an Access Rule for a Client-to-Site VPN

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To connect your routed client-to-site VPN to your network, you must add a forwarding access rule to direct traffic between the tunnel, the remote, and the home network.

Before You Begin

Before creating your forwarding access rules, gather the following information:

  • The published VPN network(s).
  • The VPN client network(s)

Step 1. Create a Network Object for the Published VPN Networks

Create a static network object for the published VPN networks. If more networks are added to published VPN networks, update the network object to reflect these changes.

  • Type – Select List of Network Addresses.
  • Include Entries – For each published VPN network, click + to add it to the list.


For more information, see Network Objects

Step 2. Create a Pass Access Rule

  • Action – Select Pass.
  • Source – Select VPN-Clients
  • Service – Select the allowed services, or Any to allow all services.
  • Destination – Select the network object containing the published VPN networks created in Step 1.
  • Connection Method – Select Dynamic NAT.


For more information, see How to Create a Pass Access Rule