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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Firewall Settings

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There are several global parameters, which determine the behavior, limits and resource requirements of the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall engine. Be aware that changing some of these parameters may required a restart of the Forwarding and Host Firewall services. The firewall settings are split into two pages:

  • General Firewall Configuration
  • Forwarding Settings for each Forwarding Firewall service

General Firewall Configuration

You can adjust sizing parameters and default behaviors for the host and forward firewall services in the general firewall configuration. Depending on your setup you may be required to increase or decrease these limits to match your needs. Use caution when changing these settings as misconfigurations may result in an insecure setup.

For more information, see General Firewall Configuration.

Forwarding Firewall Setting

If you want to adjust firewall limits for just one forwarding firewall service use the forwarding firewall settings. You can set configuration parameters for bridging, VOIP, RPC handling, authentication, SOCKS forwarding and forwarding limits.

For more information, see Forwarding Firewall Settings.

Firewall Sizing

To optimize your CloudGen Firewall for large or small environments follow the recommendations right for your systems.

For more information, see Best Practice - Small CloudGen Firewall Systems.

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