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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Configure Box-Level Monitoring

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Define polling intervals for network routes, HA partner units and other parameters that are monitored to ensure that the box layer of the CloudGen Firewall or Control Center is running. HA units can be configured to use an additional network connection for heartbeat communication.

Configure Monitoring Settings 

  1. Go to CONFIGURATION > Full Configuration > Box > Infrastructure Services > Control.
  2. Click Lock.
  3. In the Monitoring Parameters section, specify the monitoring interval and which services or daemons should not be monitored:
    • Startup Poll Interval [Secs] – The period of time that has to expire after booting or activating the network until a HA action can take place (default: 10 ). This is important especially with "slow learning" NICs that need quite a time after booting/activating until the link is activated.
    • Regular Poll Interval [Secs] – The number of seconds between HA heartbeats. This setting also specifies the reaction time for activating and deactivating routes and the server (Monitor IPs). For faster HA failovers, you can decrease the default poll interval of 5 seconds.

      When you are using the firewall with transparent failover, you can enter 1 second. However, the HA partner will instantly perform a takeover during server starts and stops or network activation. In this case, first block the server before doing anything else.

  4. In the HA Monitoring Parameters section, define a translation table specifying the IP addresses to use for communication in network setups that provide a private uplink between two HA partners. In the Translated HA IP table, specify the following settings for each entry:
    • Translated HA IP – The primary management IP address of the HA unit as specified in the Management IP field on the Network page (Config Full Config > Box).
    • Alternative HA IP  The alternative HA IP is part of the private uplink network as specified in the Additional Local IPs section on the Network page (Config Full Config > Box).

    • Usage Policy  Specify how to proceed if the alternative HA IP becomes unavailable.
    • Description  Optional description.
  5. In the ICMP Gateway Monitoring Exemptions section, specify the interfaces on which the gateway cannot be reachable via regular ICMP-based probing. In the No Probing for Interfaces table, select the interfaces.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Send Changes and Activate.
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