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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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The phion script is started from the CLI:


No other scripts should be started from the CLI.


You can use the following options with phion:

phion start

Invokes the network layer on system boot. It initiates the following actions:

  • Sets necessary and optional syscontrols from the boxadm.conf file.
  • If the /opt/phion/update/box.par file is available, activates its configuration.
  • Activates the configuration of the boxadm.conf file (does not change passwords).
  • If the /opt/phion/INSTALL directory exists, changes passwords and then deletes the directory.
  • Checks and activates the boxnet.conf file as far as possible, even if the configuration is not consistent.
  • If not forbidden by /etc/phion/options, starts the operative layer.
phion stop

Stops the phion subsystem and network at system shutdown. It initiates the following actions:

  • Stops operative layer.
  • Disables all network devices.
  • Disables all IP addresses and routes.
phion recover

Has the same functionality as phion start. It is obsolete and exists only for downward compatibility reasons.

phion restart

Reinitializes the operative layer by executing the following actions:

  • Stops the operative layer.
  • Performs a consistency check (boxnet.conf). It the configuration is inconsistent, the process is stopped.
  • Activates boxadm.conf.
  • If not forbidden by /etc/phion/options, starts the operative layer.
phion adm_refresh

Activates the boxadm.conf entries only. This action can be performed without interfering with the operative layer.

Note that executing this may change the passwords.