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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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To find and remove corrupt files from statistics trees, use the statcheck utility. Use the following syntax:

statcheck <option> <path>

Specify the path to the statistics tree. By default, it is located at /var/phion/stat. If no option is specified, the statistics files are only checked for corruption (-c option).

In Barracuda Firewall Admin, you can view the log for the statcheck utility:

LogsReports Statisticsstatcheck.


You can use the following options with statcheck:

Option Description


Prints the help text that describes all possible options.


Checks the statistics files for corruption.


Enables verbose debug logging. Each data entry is logged.


Moves corrupted statistics files to /var/phion/lost+found/stat.


Removes corrupted statistic files.


Switches top statistics files from a weekly to monthly interval, if necessary.


Enables tracing. For example, investigated and uncorrupted files are logged.


Displays the version info for the given file.
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