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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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Use the ktinactrl command to manage and configure VPN (TINA) tunnel traffic.


You can use the following options with the ktinactrl command:


Loads the ktina module.


Stops the ktina module. Also shuts down tunnels and personal networks.


Opens the directory for tunnel operations. You can use the following commands with ktinactrl tunnel:

Command Description
show Displays the tunnel details for all VPN tunnels that are configured on the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall.
new <tunnel-name> Creates a new VPN tunnel with the specified name.
delete tunnel-name > Deletes the specified VPN tunnel.
flush Terminates all tunnels and flushes the cache.
Command Description
show Displays the orphaned transport count.
new <transport-name> Creates a new transport with the specified name.
status value Displays all status value settings for the tunnel transport.
rate <INDEX> Displays the transport rate according to the VPN Interface Index.
setrate NAME ID policy(0,1,2) guess(KBs) min(KBs) top(%) bot(%) Specifies the transport rate for the VPN tunnel.
windowsize Specifies the window size.

Displays all status value settings for the tunnel compression. Use this command to e nable or disable high compression and specify compression settings.

hcparam Sets the parameters for high compression if enabled.
[hbidle hbtrys hbtimeout] NAME ID VALUE Displays heartbeat idle, tries, and timeout of the specified VPN transport.
shaping NAME ID VALUE Displays all shaping settings for the tunnel transport.
Command Description
show Displays the orphaned SPI count.
new NAME Renews the SPI count for a specified tunnel.
Command Description
show Displays all routing entries created by the VPN service.
new <tunnel-name> Refreshes the routing table for the specified tunnel.
show l wc -l Checks the maximum number of possible routing entries. By default, the maximum number of entries for one routing table is 10,000. 
Command Description
in <address> <spi-num> Performs a routing lookup and shows inbound traffic details.
out <source-address> <destination-address> Displays outbound traffic details.
Command Description
show Displays all available encryption methods ( cipher, esp, hash, compress).
hash <meth_name> <input filename> Allows setting the hashing algorithm using SHA-256 and SHA- 512.
crypt <meth_name> <input filename> [output filename] Specifies the settings for file encryption.
esp <meth_name> <input filename> [output filename] Specifies the settings for esp encryption.
decrypt <meth_name> <input filename> [output filename] Decrypts the specified file.
hash <meth_name> <filename> Specifies the settings for hash encryption.
comp <meth_name> <filename> [stream] Compresses a specified file.
perf [junk=<size>] all|<meth_name> Calculates the possible VPN throughput for each cipher set depending on the hardware.
Command Description

Displays the configured UDP ports.

set address:port[,address2:port2[,addressn:portn .... ]] Specifies the settings for UDP.
Command Description
get Displays information about the cache.
set address:port[,address2:port2[,addressn:portn .... ]] Specifies cache control settings.
Command Description
show Displays personal networks if configured.
add NET [NET ...] Adds the specified personal networks.
del NET [NET ...] Deletes the specified personal networks.
used Displays personal network addresses that have been used.
last Displays the last address that was used.
flush Flushes the cache.
Command Description
show Displays all reserved address and networks.
add NET [NET ...] Adds the specified reserved addresses.
set NET [NET ...] Sets the specified addresses as reserved.
del NET [NET ...] Deletes the specified network addresses.
flush Flushes the cache.
Command Description
get Gets the box rate limit.
set maxlimit(in bytes) Sets the box rate limit.


Command Description
[show] Allows to use mils specific operations.
show Shows mils specific operations.
Command Description
show Shows external cipher operations.
load <filename> <ciphername> Loads external operations for selected files and ciphers.
unload <ciphername> Unloads external operations for selected ciphers.
flush Flushes the cache.
Command Description
get Gets stream compression limits.
set maxlimit(in bytes) udplimit(in percent of maxlimit) Sets stream compression limits.
Command Description
show Displays transport packet cycle methods.
pkt          (set to per packet cycling) Specifies the settings for the packet archiver.
size SIZE    (set to SIZE threshold cycling)

Sets the size for threshold cycling.

Command Description
rules Shows wanopt rules.
stats Shows wanopt stats.
Command Description
deferred get Displays all tunnel parameter settings.
deferred set 0/1 Specifies tuning parameters settings.
Command Description
showt Displays the routed devices that have been configured.
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