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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Dynamic Network Start and Stop Scripts

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Dynamic network connections may be stopped and started directly through the command-line interface.

xDSL Connections

  • Start all xDSL connections: /etc/phion/bin/openxdsl start   
  • Stop all xDSL connections: /etc/phion/bin/wipexdsl   
  • Start a specific xDSL connection: /etc/phion/bin/openxdsl start <linkname>  
  • Stop a specific xDSL connection: /etc/phion/bin/openxdsl stop <linkname>

DHCP Connections

  • Start all DHCP connections: /etc/phion/bin/openxdhcp start  
  • Stop all DHCP connections: /etc/phion/bin/wipexdhcp  
  • Start a specific DHCP connection: /etc/phion/bin/openxdhcp start <linkname>  
  • Stop a specific DHCP connection: /etc/phion/bin/wipexdhcp stop <linkname>

UMTS Connections

  • Start UMTS connection: /etc/phion/bin/openumts  
  • Stop UMTS connection: /etc/phion/bin/wipeumts

LTE Connections

  • Start LTE connection: /etc/phion/bin/openlte start
  • Stop LTE connection: /etc/phion/bin/wipelte

BDSL Connections (F82, Integrated DSL Modem)

  • Start BDSL connection: /etc/phion/bin/openbdsl
  • Stop BDSL connection: /etc/phion/bin/wipebdsl

Wi-Fi Client Connections

  • Start Wi-Fi Client connection: /etc/phion/bin/openwific
  • Stop Wi-Fi Clien connection: /etc/phion/bin/wipewific