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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Azure Virtual WAN

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Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls support Microsoft's Azure Virtual WAN technology to allow fast, secure, and uninterrupted network availability with your cloud-hosted or hybrid datacenter and your branch offices through Microsoft's global network. The CloudGen Firewall in combination with Virtual WAN fully enables automated large-scale branch connectivity, selective traffic backhauling, unified networks and policy management, and optimized routing using the Microsoft global network.





Automated Connectivity to Azure Virtual WAN

Barracuda's automated approach to interconnect branch offices or datacenters with resources located in Azure virtual networks via Azure Virtual WAN hubs radically simplifies complex and time-consuming deployment and configuration tasks. An easy-to-use and fully automated connectivity configuration allows administrators to connect CloudGen Firewalls to Azure hubs with only a few clicks. Azure Virtual WAN can be configured both on CC-managed firewall devices and stand-alone devices. To configure Azure Virtual WAN, go to  CONFIGURATION > Configuration Tree > Multi Range > your range > your cluster > Boxes > your Box > Advanced Configuration > Cloud Integration and select Azure Virtual WAN in the left menu. 

Control Center admins who can modify Cloud Integration to connect a Control Center-managed box to Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN can implicitly create the required services (VPN and BGP) if they are not present, even though the admins might not have the permission to do so. This is because the virtual WAN connectivity automatically establishes those services if they are needed. Control Center admins cannot do that directly; they can, however, indirectly trigger the services via the virtual WAN setup.

 For more information, see How to Configure Automatic Connectivity to Azure Virtual WAN and How to Create a Service Principal for Azure Virtual WAN.

Manual Connectivity to Azure Virtual WAN

In addition to automated connectivity, CloudGen Firewalls also provide advanced manual configuration for adoption of hybrid cloud deployments already implemented with Microsoft Azure and CloudGen Firewalls.

For more information, see How to Configure BGP over IKEv2 IPsec Site-to-Site VPN to an Azure VPN Gateway (from Step 4 to the end).

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