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How to Renew a Cloud Integration Certificate

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When an Azure Cloud Integration certificate is about to expire, you can easily renew your certification using the Microsoft Azure Portal. To create and upload a fresh management certificate, perform Step 2 and 3 as described in How to Configure Azure Cloud Integration using ARM.

Before You Begin

Create the Azure Management Certificate. For more information, see Step 2 in How to Configure Azure Cloud Integration using ARM.

Renew an Azure Management Certificate

  1. Go to the Azure Portal:
  2. In the left main menu, select Azure Active Directory.
  3. Select App registrations.
  4. Perform a search using the Application ID value. (You can find this in Firewall Admin under Azure Networking in Configuration > Configuration Tree > Box > Advanced Configuration > Cloud Integration.)
  5. Click in the application and select Certificates & secrets.
  6. Go to Certificates.
  7. Click Upload certificate and upload the .cer file downloaded during certificate creation. This step does not require the private key. By default, the expiry date will be taken from the certificate properties.
  8. Save the page and you should now have two certificates showing.
  9. Delete the expired certificate.
  10. Update the certificates on the Firewall for Cloud Integration with the new ones as described in How to Configure Azure Cloud Integration using ARM.

To verify this has worked, you should now see the User Defined Routes showing up again on the Control > Network > Azure Routes tab, and the Dashboard should show no errors under Cloud Integration.

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