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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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Barracuda IoT Connect is currently in Private Preview (Early Access). Please contact iot_connect@barracuda.com to request an invitation.


The Secure Connectors page shows all Secure Connector devices linked to your Barracuda IoT account, and includes the current status, the serial number, the model, and the firmware version of each device, along with the template where the devices are assigned to. In addition, you can download a list of Secure Connector devices in CSV format and add Secure Connector devices to your Barracuda IoT Connect.


The following functions are available on the SCs page:

  • ADD FILTER - Click to filter the list of displayed Secure Connector devices. Filters can be combined to provide more specific results up to a single device. 
  • DOWNLOAD CSV - Click to download the list of Secure Connector devices as CSV file.
  • ADD - Click to add a new Secure Connector to your Barracuda IoT Connect. 

Add a Secure Connector Linked to Your Account via Zero Touch Deployment.

  1. Click ADD.
  2. Select an existing template. For information on creating of templates, see Templates.
  3. Click NEXT.
  4. All Secure Connector devices assigned to your account via Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD) that are compatible with the settings of this template can be selected by selecting the check box next to it. To select all Secure Connector devices, select the check box in the upper-left corner.
  5. Click SAVE.

Add a Secure Connector with Serial Number and Linking Code

You can add devices that are not linked to your account via ZTD by simply entering the serial number and linking code.

  1. Click ADD.
  2. Select an existing template. For information on creating of templates, see Templates.
  3. Click NEXT.
  4. Click Add missing Secure Connector by Serial/Linking Code to add Secure Connector devices that are not linked to your ZTD.
    1. Serial - Enter the serial number of your Secure Connector.
    2. Linking Code - Enter the linking code of your Secure Connector.
  5. Click SAVE.


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