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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Client Networks Settings

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When the VPN client connects, it is assigned an IP address out of the VPN client network configured in the VPN profile. The meaning of the editable fields applies both to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Name The name of the client network.

routed (Static Route)

local (Proxy ARP)

routed (Static Route) – The client network is a separate network. Routed networks can be extended more easily, but require access rules to be able to access the on-premises networks.

local (Proxy ARP) – To use a part of an existing local network for the VPN clients, use a local client network. The firewall automatically enables Proxy ARPs for the IP addresses in the local client network.

Advertise route



Select the check box to propagate this network route via the OSPF/RIP/BGP service.
Network Address-The address of the client network in CIDR notation, e.g.,
Gateway-The address of the gateway in the client network.
IP Range BaseOnly editable for the network type 'local'

When selecting the network type 'local', the IP Range Base specifies a subnet that must be within the range of the configured Network Address, e.g.,
Network Address = and IP Range Base =





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