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How to View and Revert RCS Versions

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 Before using RCS, you must activate it. For more information, see Revision Control System (RCS).

RCS allows you to view, revert, and keep track of configuration changes. To compare versions, you can generate RCS reports. These RCS reports can also be filtered for specific time periods and administrator IP addresses.

View RCS Versions

You can view the RCS versions for a configuration page from the Config Tree or on the page itself.

  • To view the RCS versions from the configuration page, click RCS and select Show versions in the upper right of the page. 
  • To view the RCS versions of a configuration page from the Config Tree, right-click the configuration node and select Show RCS Versions.

The RCS Versions window opens and displays a list of all versions for the page.

Generate a RCS Report

While viewing the versions for a configuration page in the RCS Versions window, you can generate an RCS report to compare and view information for specific configuration versions.

  1. In the RCS Versions window, select the versions that you want to include in the report.
    • To select a range of versions, click the first version and last version in the range of interest. Then, select the Full History check box.
    • To select all versions, click Select All.
  2. Click Show Differences. The RCS Report window opens.

Generate a Filtered RCS Report

You can also generate RCS reports for specific time periods and administrator IP addresses.

The following feature is available only for configuration objects that contain at least one sub-node.

  1. On the configuration page, click RCS and select Show RCS Report.
  2. You can specify the following settings for the report:
    • Start Date / End Date – The period of time that is to be displayed.
    • Admin – (Optional) The login name of a specific administrator.
    • Peer – (Optional) The IP address of an administrator
    • Include Node Creation – Collects all available version information. ATTENTION! This option may generate a high load of information.
    • No Difference Details – Only specify if a change was made. The changed value is not displayed.
    • Show Detail for Linked Nodes – Collects all available change information. Also displays changes made to a linked target.

      This option may generate a lot of information and cause a higher load on your system.

Revert to a Previous RCS Version

You can revert a configuration page to a previous version.

You cannot retrieve RCS versions for the VPN > VPN Settings, VPN > Client-to-site VPN and VPN > Site-to-Site VPN pages.

  1. On the configuration page, click RCS and select Retrieve versions.
  2. In the RCS Versions window, select the required configuration version and click Choose. The configuration page header displays the selected version.
  3. Click RCS and select Accept Version.
  4. In the window that opens with a message asking if you want to accept and activate the selected version, click Yes.
  5. Click Send Changes and Activate.
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