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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Configure Statistics Transfer

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Statistics transfer settings define which statistics data files are sent from a managed Barracuda CloudGen Firewall to the Barracuda Firewall Control Center.

Before You Begin

Before configuring the statistics transfer settings for a Barracuda CloudGen Firewall in the Barracuda Firewall Control Center, you must create and configure the statistics services. For more information, see How to Configure the Statistics Services.

Configure Statistics Transfer

  1. In the Configuration Tree, navigate to and expand the node for the managed Barracuda CloudGen Firewall.
  2. Go to Box > Infrastructure Services > Statistics.
  3. From the left menu, select Statistics Transfer.
  4. Click Lock.
  5. In the Transfer Settings table, add an entry for each statistics data file that should be sent to the Barracuda Firewall Control Center.
  6. Enter a name for the settings entry and click OK. T he Transfer Settings  window opens.
  7. Configure the settings described in Transfer Settings
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Send Changes  and Activate .

Transfer Settings

Settings for

The software modules that generate statistics data. Optionally, you can select Pattern Match to define a file pattern that should apply to the statistics data settings.

If you do use directory patterns, make sure that they do not interfere with the module settings. For a specific data type, use EITHER the module OR directory pattern settings. The dstats service works through the configured instances successively and omits directory patterns that apply to directories that have already been processed. Additionally, for clearly arranged management, place directory patterns at the end of the configuration file.

Directory Pattern

Pattern-Match settings apply to statistics files that are available in the sub-folders of /var/phion/stat. You can specify patterns by either entering full folder names or wildcards (? and *). The question mark wildcard (?) indicates a single character, and the asterisk wildcard (*) indicates an arbitrary number of characters.

Data Types for ServiceStatistics types that should be transferred to the Barracuda Firewall Control Center.
Included subservice directories

Subservices that should be should be transferred to the Barracuda Firewall Control Center. (You can only add subservices for server modules.)

Data Types for SubserviceSubservice statistics types that should be transferred to the Barracuda Firewall Control Center. 
Cascading IncludedSpecifies if cascaded subfolders in a subservice are also transferred. By default, this setting is enabled.
Parameter ResolutionWhen set to High (default: Standard) all sub-folders of an included subservice are transferred.
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