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How to Generate a New Control Center ID

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In cases when two completely identical Control Centers are running, you must generate a new ID on one of the Control Centers since each Control Center must have a unique ID. If you are backing up your productive Control Center and using the backup files to restore the configuration on a new Control Center for testing purposes (e.g., testing a new firmware), make sure that you create the new Control Center ID on the testing Control Center and not on your productive Control Center.

Before You Begin

  • You need root access to your Control Center.
  • You can log in either directly on the console of your Control Center or via SSH. For information on logging in via SSH, see How to Configure SSH.

Generate a New Control Center ID

  1. Log into the console of your Control Center, or connect via SSH to the box level of your Control Center.
  2. On the command line interface, enter rm /opt/phion/maintree/configroot/0settings/ccid.conf .
  3. Enter y to confirm.
  4. Restart the CONF service on your Control Center. Enter phionctrl service restart <servername> CONF on the command line interface, e.g., phionctrl service restart CSC CONF.
  5. The following acknowledgement is shown:
  6. (Optional) Verify that the CONF service is up and running again. Enter phionctrl service show <servername> CONF on the command line interface, e.g.,
     phionctrl service show CSC CONF.

Further Information