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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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If you cannot view binary Berkeley Data Base (BDB) files with a standard editor such as vi or emacs, use the showbdb utility. Use the following syntax:

showbdb <options> <BDB-file-name>

If an option is not specified, it is assumed that the key and data part of the DB file are in textual (not binary) format. Within the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall system, several files–such as statistics data–are written in binary format. However, these files do not have a .BDB file name extension.


You can use the following options with showbdb :

Checks the statistics files for corruption.
Prints the help text that describes all possible options.
Prints the BDB header of a statistics file to the standard output.
Queries input files with the LAF (Log Access File) suffix. These files provide an index to log files in BDB format, and their pointers can be used for accelerated access. The files are located at /var/phion/logcache.
Interprets the specified file as a statistics file and translates the binary format into a human readable format.
Displays the version info for the given file.
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