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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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To find and remove corrupt files from statistics trees, use the statcheck utility. Use the following syntax:

statcheck <option> <path>

Specify the path to the statistics tree. By default, it is located at /var/phion/stat. If no option is specified, the statistics files are only checked for corruption (-c option).

In Barracuda Firewall Admin, you can view the log for the statcheck utility:

LogsReports  Statisticsstatcheck .


You can use the following options with statcheck:



Prints the help text that describes all possible options.


Checks the statistics files for corruption.


Enables verbose debug logging. Each data entry is logged.


Moves corrupted statistics files to /var/phion/lost+found/stat.


Removes corrupted statistic files.


Switches top statistics files from a weekly to monthly interval, if necessary.


Enables tracing. For example, investigated and uncorrupted files are logged.


Displays the version info for the given file.
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