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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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To manage the VPN server, root users can use the vpnadminclt utility ( /opt/phion/bin/ ). Use the following syntax:

vpnadminclt <server>_<service> <command>


You can use the following commands with vpnadminclt:

kill <tunnel-name>

Terminates the specified site-to-site tunnel.

ipsechardkill <tunnel-name> Terminates the specified IPsec site-to-site tunnel.
init <tunnel-name>

Establishes the specified tunnel.

disable <num> <tunnel-name>

Disables or enables the specified tunnel, as specified by the value of num where:

  • num : -1 – Disables the tunnel.
  • num : 0 – Enables the tunnel.
  • num > 0 – Enable the tunnel for the specified <num> of seconds.
removestatus <vpn-tunnelname>   Removes status information for a group VPN tunnel.
showdynnum                      Shows dynamic number.
--help Displays help information.
killall vpnc

Kills the tunnel. For example, if the "VPN point of entry" has been changed while the remote management tunnel is initialized and the box still uses the old tunnelRepeat until the following message is displayed:

"No Process killed"
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