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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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The CloudGen Firewall SSL VPN is ideal for giving remote users secure access to their organization's network and files from virtually any device. With its web portal, the SSL VPN service provides seamless integration without having to install a client app. The CudaLaunch app for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS works with the SSL VPN service to provide a richer level of remote access. The number of simultaneous users using the SSL VPN is limited only by the hardware limitations of the firewall. Remote Access subscriptions are available for CloudGen Firewall F18 and larger, as well as all Vx models.


To use the SSL VPN and CudaLaunch, you must have an Advanced Remote Access license.

For more information, see How to License a CloudGen Firewall.

SSL VPN Service

To enable the SSL VPN service, you must create a VPN service. Users can authenticate with external or local authentication schemes configured on the CloudGen Firewall. You can also use client certificate authentication for the web portal and CudaLaunch. To customize the portal for your corporation, you can upload the logo and the welcome messages displayed when logging in.

For more information on authentication and basic setup, see How to Configure the SSL VPN Service.

SSL VPN Resources

There are several different resource types for the SSL VPN. Depending on whether you access the SSL VPN via web browser or from CudaLaunch, different resources are available to you.

For more information, see:

Dynamic Apps and Super Users

If configured as a dynamic app, an SSL VPN resource will only be available when enabled by an administrator who is part of a Super User group. Super Users can enable, disable, or time-enable dynamic resources if configured to do so in the SSL VPN settings. Dynamic access functionality can be applied to SSL VPN web apps, native apps, generic tunnels, and network places. VPN apps and dynamic firewall rules cannot be configured as dynamic apps.