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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

URL Filter

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The Barracuda URL Filter is used by Application Control and the HTTP proxy to categorize URLs accessed by the users. You must have an active Energize Updates subscription. When categorizing a web site the URL Filter first attempts to find the requested page in the local cache. If the page cannot be found in this cache, the website is checked against the URL filter database in the Barracuda Cloud. Access to the website is then granted or denied according to the selected policy for the URL category.

Barracuda URL Filter with Application Control

For best matching results use Application Control and the Barracuda URL Filter to enforce your application policies. The URL Filter Match object is used as an application rule matching criteria and can be optionally used to apply different QoS settings depending on the URL category or specific website.

For more information, see URL Filtering in the Firewall.

Barracuda URL Filter with HTTP Proxy

Web filtering allows you to control access to websites based on the URL category. To offer granular control it is possible to define exceptions for individual users and IP addresses and also to log which requests are allowed and denied.    

For more information, see How to Configure URL Filtering in the HTTP Proxy.