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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Configure a Cronjob

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Configuring a cronjob requires you to create an executable shell script on your firewall. Afterwards, you must schedule the script for execution.

Before You Begin

Create a script directory where to store the script in. Then, create a script that fulfills the task that the firewall must process periodically. Finally, store the script in the script directory.

Step 1. Schedule the Script for Execution

In this example, the script must be executed every day at 09:00.

  1. Log into your firewall on box level.
  2. Go to Configuration > Box > Advanced Configuration > System Scheduler.
  3. In the left menu, click Daily Schedule.
  4. Click Lock.
  5. In the Intraday Schedule section, click +.
  6. Enter the name for your intraday schedule, i.e., MyScript
  7. Click OK. The Intraday Schedule window opens.
  8. Enter a description for your schedule, i.e., MyScript at 09:00.
  9. Click the green +.
  10. Enter the full path name, including the name of the script.
  11. From the Hourly Schedule list, select list.
  12. For the Hourly List, enter the number for the hour, i.e., 9.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Click Send Changes.
  15. Click Activate.

Step 2 (optional). Check the Result of the Cronjob

  1. Go to SSH and log into your firewall as user 'root'.
  2. Enter the Unix command in the shell: cat /var/log/cat /phion0/logs/box_System_cron.log