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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Deploy a Volume-Based (Metered) PAYG CloudGen Firewall Image in AWS

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When deploying a PAYG CloudGen Firewall in AWS, you can pay for your firewall licenses per hour or per amount of traffic handled by the firewall. The volume-based PAYG CloudGen Firewall image is deployed just like the other CloudGen Firewall images in the AWS Marketplace, with one additional IAM policy to allow the firewall to report the data usage to the AWS Marketplace. Failing to include the required IAM role policies causes the firewall license to switch to Grace Expired mode. To safeguard against unexpected high traffic usage, Barracuda Networks recommends to configure CloudWatch alarms to monitor traffic passing through the firewall.

For more information on volume-based PAYG licensing, see Public Cloud Licensing.


Before You Begin

(optional) Identify the AWS reference architecture and download the template you want to deploy. For more information, see Implementation Guide - CloudGen Firewall in AWS.

Step 1. Create an IAM Role for the Firewall

Create an IAM role for your firewall instance. Verify that all the IAM policies required for the selected reference architecture are included in the IAM role. The following IAM policies are required:

  • AWS Marketplace Metered Billing
  • AWS CloudWatch


For step-by-step  instructions, see How to Create an IAM Role for a CloudGen Firewall in AWS.

Step 2. Deploy the Firewall

Deploy the CloudGen Firewall via AWS Console or CloudFormation template. For template deployments, verify that the correct volume-based PAYG firewall IAM is used for your region.

Your CloudGen Firewall is now reporting the traffic metrics every full hour to the AWS Marketplace.

Next Steps

Configure CloudWatch alarms to monitor traffic to and from the firewall to safeguard against unexpected high traffic usage.