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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Secure Connector Networking

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The networking configuration for Barracuda Secure Connectors is configured either through the Secure Connector Editor (template, or directly for each device) or in Override mode in the web interface.

Automatically Assigned Secure Connector Networks

The networks assigned to the LAN and Wi-Fi interfaces can be configured automatically by the Control Center or manually by the admin. In automatic mode, the Control Center selects the next free subnet in the Secure Connector network and assigns it to the LAN interface. The first IP address in the range is used as the management IP address, the second as the VIP address of the unit. The Wi-Fi interface also receives a free subnet from the Secure Connector network.

For more information, see Secure Connector LAN Settings.

Secure Connector WAN Connections

The Secure Connector supports DHCP client, static IP addresses, and Wi-Fi client WAN connections. You can configure only one WAN connection per device.

For more information, see Secure Connector WAN Connections.

Secure Connector Wi-Fi

The FSC1 includes Wi-Fi hardware. You can configure the Secure Connector as an access point, or use Client mode to use the Wi-Fi as the WAN connection. Wi-Fi is supported for both 802.11b and 802.11g modes. In Access Point mode, the Control Center automatically assigns a network and starts the DHCP server. Devices connected to the access point do not use IP addresses from the Secure Connector network. A SNAT access rule is needed to connect through the VPN tunnel or WAN interface.

For more information, see Secure Connector Wi-Fi Access Point.

Secure Connector Routing

By default, the routing table allows the Secure Connector to access the Internet and to communicate between Wi-Fi and the LAN, as long as these connections are also allowed by the on-device zone firewall. If you are using a static WAN connection, or require special routes, you can configure direct attached or gateway routes.

For more information, see Secure Connector Routing.

Secure Connector Link Selection

To use a backup connection when the primary Internet connection fails, you can configure a link selection policy. The Secure Connector probes the gateway or another explicit probing target and reroutes the traffic over the backup connection if the primary interface is down.

For more information, see Secure Connector Link Selection.