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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

FSC 3.x Release Notes

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Do not manually reboot your system while the update is running. For assistance, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

FSC 3.x firmware supports Firewall Secure Connectors 3.x and 2.x only. Installation on FSC1 appliances is not possible.

FSC 3.0 or higher requires Barracuda Firewall Control Center 8.3 or higher. 

FSC 3.x can only be configured in the ConfTemplates at the Control Center. The SC Editor is no longer supported for FSC 3.x

The Secure Connector deployment needs a Secure Access Controller and a Control Center. See the CloudGen Firewall Release and Migration Notes for additional information.

What´s New in FSC Version 3.0

Barracuda Secure Connector version 3.0 is the direct successor to Barracuda Secure Connector version 2.0.10 and contains all features delivered with version 2.0.10. In addition to numerous improvements, v3.0 offers the following new features:

  • As of Barracuda Secure Connector version 3.0, SC3 hardware has been implemented. [BNNGF-63352, BNNGF-63345, BNNGF-63353, BNNGF-77970, BNNGF-80783]
  • Support for Barracuda 4G USB modem M40B [BNNGF-76805]
  • It is possible to use the FSC in a SecureEdge environment.
  • Container support and configuration has been improved. [BNNGF-65138, BNNGF-66142, BNNGF-63885, BNNGF-66106, BNNGF-65595]
  • Updating configuration files via a USB stick is now possible (the USB key must be fat32-formatted to work). [BNNGF-80084]
  • System Report feature has been introduced. [BNNGF-81965] 
Improvements Included in FSC Version 3.0
  • An issue was fixed where disabling the Wi-Fi from the WebUI client mode did not work. [BNNGF-65724]
  • Default Routes are now introduced correctly on boot. [BNNGF-67764, BNNGF-77411]
  • DHCP relay now works correctly when configured on interfaces. [BNNGF-68098, BNNGF-67138]
  • An issue was fixed where default configuration did not start NTP service. [BNNGF-67139]
  • Wi-Fi: SSID and password now get saved. [BNNGF-68549]
  • Wi-Fi: Service now starts properly after activation. [BNNGF-67043]
  • WiFi-AP: wlan0 now appears after reboot. [BNNGF-68991]
  • Several issues related to link selection were fixed. [BNNGF-75761, BNNGF-80815, BNNGF-81522, BNNGF-75206]

  • WWAN: Activation no longer gets stuck when WWAN is configured [BNNGF-67045]
  • WWAN: An issue was fixed where configuration changes were not saved. [BNNGF-68730]
  • WebUI: Password change enforcement on first login now works. [BNNGF-67114]
  • WebUI: An issue was fixed where saving network changes resulted in internal server error. [BNNGF-67116]
  • WebUI: Secondary link now shows correct routing metric. [BNNGF-74068]
  • WebUI: An issue was fixed where activation did not work. [BNNGF-67115]
  • WebUI: An issue was fixed where adding Wi-Fi SSID failed. [BNNGF-69050]
  • Container: IP address changes now get introduced correctly in routing table. [BNNGF-67159]
  • Container: Several fixes and improvements were applied. [BNNGF-80609, BNNGF-65981]
  • Container: An issue was fixed where container.config file was empty. [BNNGF-72911]
  • Overall improvements of modem support (e.g., M30 usage without PIN). [BNNGF-78900, BNNGF-78901, BNNGF-82023, BNNGF-72548, BNNGF-78897]
  • An issue was fixed where NTP service did not shut down after disabling. [BNNGF-67059]
  • An issue was fixed where default routes were not added correctly. [BNNGF-68092]
  • Overall fixes, updates, and improvements were applied. [BNNGF-63884, BNNGF-64174, BNNGF-67054, BNNGF-65856, BNNGF-64959, BNNGF-65272, BNNGF-67527, BNNGF-67998, BNNGF-68092, BNNGF-68427, BNNGF-68473, BNNGF-72067, BNNGF-71197, BNNGF-72429, BNNGF-73229, BNNGF-72551, BNNGF-66246, BNNGF-65966, BNNGF-63883, BNNGF-80584, BNNGF-80866, BNNGF-80936, BNNGF-81271, BNNGF-81963, BNNGF-82703, BNNGF-82259, BNNGF-83523, BNNGF-81084, BNNGF-66016, BNNGF-66004, BNNGF-65861, BNNGF-64996,BNNGF-64996, BNNGF-65536, BNNGF-63318, BNNGF-65905]
  • Using reset button now removes rollback/sca.conf. [BNNGF-66765]
  • Route no longer gets duplicated for direct attached networks. [BNNGF-68222, BNNGF-73203]
  • LAN IP is now pingable in mapped and isolated mode. [BNNGF-70134]
  • DNS server entries now get updated after configuration change. [BNNGF-70303]
  • An issue was fixed where BGP routes did not start due to incorrect store location. [BNNGF-82083]

  • NTP server now gets updated after configuration change. [BNNGF-70362]
  • Network activation no longer missing after adding additional WAN IP. [BNNGF-70364, BNNGF-72846]
  • When the interface is down, it now gets recognized in link selection. [BNNGF-73205]
  • An issue was fixed where scad activation got triggered randomly. [BNNGF-80492]

  • Multiple gateway routes no longer cause incorrect default route. [BNNGF-74669]
  • An issue was fixed where LTE modem did not get recognized. [BNNGF-82023]

  • Overall DHCP and route handling has been improved. [BNNGF-66455, BNNGF-77354, BNNGF-80494, BNNGF-80497, BNNGF-80490]