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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Barracuda Web Filter license activation failed

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00005587

This solution replies to:
- NG Firewall firmware versions 5.2.x


It could happen  that the Barracuda Web Filter service is not starting although a valid Energize Update and Base license are imported.  Following Log messages can be found in the URL filter log:

Notice +0200 No serial number found! Barracuda URL filter will not be available. 
Error +0200 No valid Licenses have been found.



Notice +0000 No valid varracuda RSA key found! Barracuda URL filter will not be available 



Under specific circumstances it is necessary to enter the serial number and import the RSA key file manually.
That can be done under "URL Filter Service" > "General":

 Serial ?.. Here you have to enter the serial number of the box.
 Key File ? Click on Ex / Import and choose your Barracuda NG Firewall base license file.










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