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Barracuda CloudGen WAN

Release Notes

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What´s New in Version October 2020

The October 2020 release added numerous improvements, including the DHCP Service feature to the CloudGen WAN service.

The following improvements are included in this version:
  • Added a DHCP service to assign IP addresses and network configurations to clients connected to a LAN port of a site device.
  • The DHCP service is now centrally manageable through  .
  • The DHCP service can now be restricted to assign IP addresses only to known MAC addresses.
  • The Barracuda CloudGen WAN gateway in Azure can now be resized via the Azure portal.
  • The Barracuda CloudGen WAN gateway in Azure can now be redeployed via the Azure portal.
  • The new hardware models T93 and T193 are now available.
  • Sites can now be selected as a source and/or destination in security policies.
  • The Dashboard tab of has been improved. Clicking on a hub or a site now shows your connections and status. dashboard_sept.PNG
Current Known Issues
  • If a DNS server is specified in the configuration of a site using the Cloud UI and the site also receives a DNS server through DHCP, both DNS servers are used. 
  • The virtual machine activation form in SETTINGS > VM Activation supports only ASCII characters.
  • In rare cases, when a High Availability site cluster is updated to the newest version, both appliances of the cluster might go offline during the update for a short period.

What´s New in Version July 2020 - Product Launch


The firmware release 1.0.0 is the initial release of Barracuda CloudGen WAN and marks the product launch. Barracuda CloudGen WAN is a cloud-delivered service that combines the benefits of next-generation firewalls, secure SD-WAN, and cloud integration and automation to deliver a practical SASE solution. Via the web-based user interface, Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides companies a way to securely connect to Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN and the Microsoft Global Network backbone. All locations can be easily connected, secured, and managed with CloudGen WAN appliances.

You can deploy multiple Microsoft Azure Virtual WANs with multiple Barracuda CloudGen WAN gateways and multiple sites connected to each gateway. Each site is connected to the Barracuda CloudGen WAN gateway using TINA, the Barracuda VPN protocol. TINA is a proprietary extension of the IPsec protocol developed to improve VPN connectivity and availability over the standard IPsec protocol and uses AES256 cipher for the VPN encryption. Barracuda CloudGen WAN uses BGP for routing.

Current Known Issues
  • The virtual machine activation form in SETTINGS > VM Activation supports only ASCII characters.
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