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Barracuda CloudGen WAN


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You can deploy multiple Microsoft Azure Virtual WANs (e.g., production and testing) with multiple Barracuda CloudGen WAN gateways and multiple sites connected to each gateway. Each site is connected to the Barracuda CloudGen WAN gateway using TINA, the Barracuda VPN protocol. TINA is a proprietary extension of the IPsec protocol developed to improve VPN connectivity and availability over the standard IPsec protocol and uses AES256 cipher for the VPN encryption. Barracuda CloudGen WAN uses BGP for routing.


In the Barracuda CloudGen WAN user interface, you can easily switch between the virtual WANs and display the CloudGen WAN gateways for each virtual WAN and number of connected sites. To switch between the virtual WANs, click on the name assigned to the virtual WAN during deployment.

Before You Begin

Reserved Subnet and ASN Number

Since Barracuda CloudGen WAN uses the following subnet and ASN numbers, do not use them in your network:

  • Subnet 
  • ASN numbers 65000 - 65199 

Further Information

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