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Barracuda CloudGen WAN

Hardware Deployment

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The CloudGen WAN hardware appliances ship with a Quick Start Guide. Follow this guide to connect your appliance.

If you are using a Secure Connector appliance, please contact Barracuda Networks for the installation of the required operating system.

Step 1. (Optional) Install the CloudGen WAN Appliance in a Rack

Some appliances are desktop sized; the larger models can be mounted in standard-sized racks.

For more information, see Rack Installation for Barracuda Appliances.

Step 2. Connect the Appliance to the Network

The DHCP WAN port for the appliance differs depending on the model. Connect the WAN port to the Internet using DHCP. Default for DHCP connections is port 4, except model T93 Revision A where DHCP is located on port 2.

I f you are using High Availability , connect port 1 of the appliance with port 1 of the other appliance of the high availability cluster.



If the Internet connection is secured by a firewall, verify that SSL Inspection is disabled between the Barracuda CloudGen WAN appliance and the Internet.

Step 3. Connecting Power

Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to connect your Barracuda CloudGen WAN appliance to a power source. Then, complete the instructions in the Quick Start Guide. 

Further Information


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