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Barracuda CloudGen WAN

SD-WAN Policies

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Barracuda CloudGen WAN provides a predefined default configuration of the SD-WAN policies that allows you to use the advantages of SD-WAN immediately, without even having to set up your own configuration. Barracuda has defined an SLA for each application and protocol that decides how the application is routed in the default configuration.  However, i f you create explicit policies or custom applications, they apply before the default policies. For more information on how the rules apply, see Policies.


SD-WAN provides multi-path VPN tunnels across all providers,  redundant, reliable, and failsafe network connections. When the VPN tunnel is up, it can transmit traffic as long as at least one ISP link is operational. Admins can retain full control over how each link is used, or they can configure the advanced balancing and bandwidth management features to optimally use the available bandwidth. SD-WAN combines a multi-transport VPN tunnel with the following advanced VPN routing, balancing, and shaping features:

  • Dynamic Bandwidth and Round Trip Time (RTT) Detection
  • Performance-Based Transport Selection
  • Adaptive Bandwidth Protection
  • Adaptive and Static Session Balancing

  • Failover Support  
  • Multi-Provider Load Balancing 

SD-WAN policies are applied to all sites simultaneously and define the behavior of the VPN and non-VPN traffic such as routing, failover, load balancing, and application prioritization. Fallback links are used only in case of failovers and only for the traffic that is allowed to use fallback links. 

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