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Barracuda CloudGen WAN

Security Policies

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The following security policies are currently available:

  • ACL 
  • URL Filter 
  • Malware Protection
  • SSL Inspection
  • IPS
Security policies always work top down, and explicit policies take precedence over predefined security policies. The default action of a security policy can be either to block all and define exceptions that are allowed, or to allow all and define exceptions that are blocked. You can change the default action for all security polices individually. For example, URL Filtering is set to allow all and define exceptions that are blocked, whereas ACL is set to block all with exceptions that are allowed. 

Further Information

  • For more information on ACL, see ACL.
  • For more information on URL Filtering, see URL Filtering.
  • For more information on Malware Protection, see Malware Protection.
  • For more information on SSL Inspection, see SSL Inspection.
  • For more information on IPS, see IPS.
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