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Barracuda CloudGen WAN

How to Display the License State of a Site Appliance

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The license status of a site appliance can be easily displayed in the Cloud Web UI

License States

The possible license states are as follows:  


Unlicensed -  The license is expired or not present on the site appliance. Services are not enabled.
Licensed PAYG The appliance is licensed with a pay-as-you-go license. Services are all enabled.
Licensed BYOL The appliance is licensed with a bring-your-own license, and will expire on the displayed expiration date. Services are all enabled.
Licensed Demo The appliance is licensed with a demo license, and will expire on the displayed expiration date. Services are all enabled.
Grace Mode-The appliance is unlicensed, but temporarily still usable for 14 days. Services are all still enabled during that period.


Display the License State

  1. Open in your web browser  and log in with your existing Barracuda Cloud Control account.
  2. At the top, select the virtual WAN where the site is connected to.
  3. Click SITES.
  4. Select the site you want to edit.  You can either search for the name or serial, or use filters to tailor the list of displayed sites. You can also simply scroll through the list.
  5. Click the arrow icon next to the site you want to edit.
  6. The site Dashboard opens.
  7. Click Licenses.
  8. The license state is displayed now.

Create Notifications for Site Appliance Licenses

You can create a notification for the following license state events:

  • A site license entered the grace mode.
  • A site license expired.
  • A site license will expire soon.
  • A site is licensed.

To create a notification, follow the guide below:

  1. Follow this guide to create a notification: How to Create a Notification. And specify values for the following:
    • Status  - Select All.
    • Events  - Select the events you are interested in.
    • Administrators - Enter the administrators that will receive the notification.
  2. Click SAVE.
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