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Barracuda CloudGen WAN

How to Change the Serial Number

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You can change the appliance serial number of an existing Site Configuration. Changing the serial number is necessary in case of a return merchandise authorization (RMA) when an appliance has been replaced. 

Change Serial Number of a Single Appliance  

  1. Go to  and log in with your existing Barracuda Cloud Control account.
  2. At the top, select the virtual WAN where the site is connected to.
  3. Click SITES.
  4. Click on the arrow icon next to the site where you want to change the serial number.
  5. The site menu opens. 
  6. Click SETTINGS.
  7. The BASIC INFORMATION tab opens. 
  8. Click on the pencil icon next to the serial number.
  9. The Swap Serial window opens.
    1. From the list of appliances linked to your account, select the serial of the appliance you want to use instead of the current appliance. Note: If your appliance is not listed, see Step b.
    2. If your appliance is not listed, you can add it by using the serial number and the linking code found both on the back of the Quick Start Guide delivered with your appliance and in your Barracuda Networks confirmation email. Note: After ordering, it might take up to 3 hours before your device is listed. 
      1. Click Add missing site appliance by serial and linking code/license token. Then, specify values for the following:
        • Serial - Enter the serial number of your appliance.
        • Code/Token - Enter the linking code (for your hardware appliance), or the token of your VTx appliance.
      2. Click ADD.
    3. Click OK.
  10. The BASIC INFORMATION window opens.
  11. Click SAVE.
  12. Once saved, you can disconnect the old appliance. Then, connect the new appliance by initially connecting port P4 of the appliance into a DHCP-enabled Internet connection to allow for the automatic configuration of your appliance.

To re-use an appliance (for example, the one with the serial number you just removed), you must first perform a factory reset. For more information, see How to Recover a CloudGen WAN Hardware Appliance with a USB Flash Drive.

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