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Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Status Page

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The Status page provides an overview of your backup activity and storage details. Click on a graph to view a larger display of the data.

Mobile Access

You can also view Barracuda Backup appliance status using Barracuda Networks Mobile Applications.

Backup Activity Section

The two graphs in this section display cloud storage backup activity indicating the size and the number of backup items and data added by date.

Storage Efficiency Statistics

This section displays storage efficiency statistics including raw data and actual storage in the cloud.

Table 1. Storage Efficiency Statistics.

Table Value Description
Raw Data Total amount of data sent to Barracuda Cloud Backup including revisions.
Items Total items sent to Barracuda Cloud Backup.
Actual Storage The amount of actual storage space being used.
The amount of space that would be required to back up your data based on your retention policies projected over the next three years, without deduplication and compression.
The overall amount of space savings calculated by dividing raw data by actual storage space.

Storage History

This table displays the Barracuda Cloud Backup Storage History. View current, historic, and actual data storage size (in GB) in the cloud by date. 

Table 2. Storage History.

Table Value Description
Raw Historic Represents all content up to the current date that has been sent to the cloud.
Raw Current Represents current content sent to the cloud before deduplication processing.
Actual Storage Represents the total content currently stored in the cloud.
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