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Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Admin Page

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Use the Admin page to configure users, set up email notifications, manage display groups, activate a Backup product, and access documentation.

Location Description
Admin > Users

Use this page to administer users that have access to the Barracuda Cloud Backup web interface. Click the Edit icon to modify email notifications, IP login restrictions, and the user role for the selected user, or click Add & Remove Users to add a new user, edit details for an existing user, or delete a user.

See: User Management

Admin > Email

Specify the type of email notification for each user:

  • Backup Summary Reports – When selected, an email notification containing a summary of each backup job is sent.
  • Backup Detailed Reports – When selected, an email notification containing a list of all items backed up is sent.
  • Alerts – When selected, an email notification is sent if a backup job has errors.
  • Notices – When selected, if the account includes physical appliances, a notice is sent when the Barracuda Backup software is updated.

See: Email Notifications

Admin > Display Groups Add and remove display groups to manage multiple Barracuda Backup appliances.
Admin > Activate Backup Product Link a Barracuda Backup appliance to your Barracuda Cloud Control Account.
Admin > Online Service Terms

Click to view the Online Service Terms.

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