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How to Restore an Exchange Online Data Source

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Use the following steps restore an Exchange Online backup:

Note that performing a restore will not overwrite any current data.

  1. Log into Barracuda Backup, click the Backup tab, and select the Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Source.
  2. Click Restore > Restore Browser.
  3. Click Exchange Online, and then select the user mailbox from which to restore data:
  4. Select the folder from which to restore data:
  5. Locate the email or folder to restore, or use the search field to locate the desired data:
  6. The default view displays data that was present during the last backup. 
  7. To find a historical email or folder revision from a previous date, click Change Date in the left pane:
  8. Use the calendar to select the desired day to view data available for restore from that date.
  9. Once you locate the email(s) or folder to restore, click Restore to the right of a single item,
    or click Restore selected items if you selected multiple items:
  10. The  Restore  dialog box displays.  Select to restore to the  Original Location,  or  New Location  and specify the location to restore to :
  11. Click  RESTORE NOW . A notification displays that the restore is in progress:
  12. To view restore status, go to the Reports > Restore page.
  13. Verify the messages or folders have been restored in the user's Exchange Online mailbox.
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