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Restore Data via Download

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As an alternative to restoring data to a restore target, Barracuda Networks provides the ability to download data directly to your workstation. In the Restore Browser, the Download hyperlink displays next to the Restore option, as shown in the image below. 


Downloads initiated in the Cloud user interface consists of data pulled directly from the cloud storage target (if replicated offsite to the Barracuda Cloud or AWS) or from the local Barracuda Backup device.

You can restore data using the download feature in the Cloud web interface. You can select to download files and directories directly to your system:

  • Download a single file
  • Download OneDrive users as ZIP files
  • Download email mailboxes and folders as ZIP files
  • Download SharePoint sites as ZIP files

Cloud Web Interface

Use the following steps to download and verify backed up data from the cloud:

  1. Go to and log into the Barracuda Backup web interface.
  2. Go to the Restore > Restore Browser page.
  3. Navigate to a file or folder for download:
  4. The Restore Browser section displays the latest backup date.

    Older Revision

    To restore an older revision of the file or directory, click Change Date to display all available revisions:


  5. Click Download to the right of the file or folder you want to download, or click Download entire folder to download all content within the folder selected in the Restore Browser section:
  6. The content is downloaded as a .zip file. Once downloaded, you can extract the downloaded content from the zip file. 
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