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How to Connect to Your Microsoft 365 Tenant

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You will need to use a Microsoft 365 global administrator account to connect your Microsoft 365 account to Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. For more information, see Microsoft article About admin roles.

Your global administrator account credentials will only be used to for the initial connection to authorize the application process to your Microsoft 365 environment and will not be saved by Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. The global administrator can be removed or changed back to a normal administrator after the connection is successful.

Connect Your Microsoft 365 Tenant

Customers may have distinct requirements around protecting their data and information and may be required to comply with a specific country’s laws and regulations. Therefore, Barracuda Networks recommends customers to select the region that will work best for their organization when setting up Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.

  1. Log into, and select the Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Source in the left pane.
  2. Navigate to the Products page from the top navigation menu, hover over the Office 365 tile, and click CONNECT TO MICROSOFT
  3. Log in with a global admin account to give permissions to the application to access your tenant.
  4. Check the Consent on behalf of your organization box. Click Accept.  
  5. You are redirected to a new login page to verify the global admin account information used in Step 3 above. 
  6. Review and click Accept to authorize Barracuda Networks to back up data.

    You are redirected back to the Products page. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is now connected to your Microsoft 365 tenant. 

To configure your data sources for Office Microsoft, see How to Configure Your Microsoft 365 Data Source.

Multi-Tenant Management

Manage multiple Microsoft 365 tenants in a single location in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.

Note that multi-tenant currently only supports multiple connections in the same Azure region. Cross-regional support may be added in the future; details will be provided as it becomes available.

View Microsoft 365 Tenants

To view your Microsoft 365 tenants connected to Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, click on the upper left drop down menu. You can also select the tenant you want to view here.

You will see "No Connections" if no Microsoft 365 tenants are connected to Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.


Add New Microsoft 365 Tenants
  1. Click on the icon in the Office 365 tile.
  2. Pick the account associated with the new Microsoft 365 tenant.
  3. Review and Accept the permissions requested.

You are redirected back to the Products page. Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is now connected to your new Microsoft 365 tenant. Repeat the steps above to add each new Microsoft 365 tenant.

You should now see the new Microsoft 365 tenant in the upper left drop down menu.


To configure your data sources for Office Microsoft, see How to Configure Your Microsoft 365 Data Source.

Remove Microsoft 365 Tenants

To remove a Microsoft 365 tenant, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.