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Settings Page

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Use the Settings page to manage users and sites, configure Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup users, and allow support access.


Office 365 Customization

Add and remove users, sites, or Teams to Office 365 data sources.

To add or remove users, sites, or Teams in your organization, click CUSTOMIZE next to the data source you want. Then:

  • Search for email addresses, sites, or Teams to add to the data source backup; or
  • Check/uncheck email addresses, sites, or Teams to add/remove them from the data source backup.

Customize users in Exchange and OneDrive.


Customize sites in SharePoint.


Customize Teams.



Add Users

Add users to allow access to the Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup user interface. 

Click the + sign at the top of the Users section. Enter the email address, select the role(s), and click ADD USER


If there are no email addresses available, you will first need to add new users in Barracuda Cloud Control. See How to Add Users and Configure Product Entitlements and Permissions.

Select from the following user roles:

  • Admin –  Full access to Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, including the Settings page.
  • Backup – Access is limited to protecting and unprotecting users and viewing the protect broswer. 
  • Restore – Access is limited to restoring data to the original location in the protect browser.
  • Purge – Access is limited to deleting backed up data from the account. 
  • Reporting – Access is limited to viewing the Reports and Dashboard pages. 

Note that you must select the Cloud-to-Cloud Backup product entitlement in Barracuda Cloud Control to grant the user default access to the selected services.

Edit and Delete Users

Click the ellipsis (3 dots) to the right of the user to modify the options. Click EDIT to edit details for an existing user or DELETE to delete a user.


Support Access

Barracuda support access is disabled by default. Click the toggle to enable support access.

Note that you must enable support access to allow Barracuda Support to investigate your account.

Once troubleshooting is complete, click the toggle once again to disable support access. If you do not disable support access manually, support access is automatically disabled after 7 days.


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