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Understanding What Data is Backed Up in Microsoft 365

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The following sections describe the Microsoft 365 data protected by the Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.

Exchange Online

Mailboxes Backed Up
  • User mailboxes with a provision plan enabled that includes Exchange with the account enabled in Microsoft 365.
  • Shared mailboxes with an account enabled in Microsoft 365.
Supported Data Types
  • Folders
  • Emails
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Archive Mailboxes (In-Place Archiving)
  • Recoverable Items store
Unsupported Data Types
  • Audits folder under Recoverable Items and Archive Recoverable Items 
  • Public folders (Roadmap*)
  • Hidden folders
Known Issues
  • Some mailboxes with an error on their provisioned plan setting in Microsoft 365 will not be backed up by Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud. 

OneDrive for Business

Users Backed Up
  • Any enabled user account, not set as a guest user, that has a SharePoint provisioned plan enabled.
Supported Data Types
  • Files
  • Folders
  • OneNote files
Unsupported Data Types
  • Permissions
  • Files encrypted with Azure Information Protection
Known Issues
  • Some users with an error on their provisioned plan setting in Microsoft 365 will not be backed up by Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud.
Note: Backing up shared files and folders using the Add shortcut to OneDrive feature in SharePoint is currently not yet supported.

SharePoint Online

Sites Backed Up
  • All root level site collections
Supported Data Types
  • OneNote files
  • Root site collections
  • Subsites
  • Lists, excluding hidden SharePoint lists
  • Document libraries
  • Site pages
  • Site permissions
  • List permissions
Unsupported Data Types
  • Customer list views
  • File version history
  • Site applications


Teams Backed Up
  • All groups of type unified.
  • All groups with an associated Team (resourceProvisioningOptions set to Team).
Supported Data Types
  • Groups/Teams
  • Groups/Teams owners and members
  • Teams sites
  • Teams mailboxes
  • Teams files and folders
  • Teams public channels
  • Teams private channels
Unsupported Data Types
  • Teams channel tabs
  • Teams wiki pages
  • Teams channel posts (Roadmap*)
  • Teams chats (Roadmap*)

*Roadmap disclaimers:

  • All product releases are on a when-and-if available basis.
  • Product roadmap does not create a commitment by Barracuda Networks to deliver a specific feature.
  • Items tagged as Roadmap are subject to change without notice.



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