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About Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 protects Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business data by backing it up directly to Barracuda Cloud Storage. Use Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 as an add-on to an on-premises Barracuda Backup appliance or as a standalone subscription without an appliance. For Exchange Online, Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects all email messages, including all attachments, as well as the complete folder structure of each user's mailbox. In OneDrive for Business, all files under the Documents Library, including the entire folder structure, are protected. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects SharePoint Online files and folders in Document Libraries, Site Page Libraries, and Picture Libraries in Modern Team Sites, Communication Sites, Team Sites, Publishing Sites, and Wiki Sites.  Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 provides completely customizable and unlimited backup scheduling and retention, the ability to restore or download data to different sources, and the ability to back up multiple instances of Microsoft 365 without purchasing additional licenses.