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Barracuda Data Inspector

Redacted File Content

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In the File Details flyout, click on the file visualization to better see and understand the redacted content in your file. (The file visualization will not be available if malicious content is detected. Instead you will see "Preview not available.")


Once clicked, the Redacted File Content screen opens. (Click the below image to expand it.)


To see where sensitive data appears in the file, click on one of the chips in the Classifiers pane. Note that the number next to the classifier denotes the number of times it appears in your file. 

The name of the classifier you selected appears at top-left. Click the up arrow or down arrow to scroll through the instances of the classifier. Each is highlighted in turn within the displayed content. 

If more than one page in your file contains sensitive data, a scroll bar will appear allowing you to view them all.

Only file pages containing identified sensitive data will be displayed. Example: if sensitive keywords are found on pages 2 and 4 of your file, only those pages will be available to scroll through.

By default the redacted content is displayed at a view of 100%. To change the text size, click the + or - in the top-right of the content pane.