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Barracuda Intronis Backup
formerly ECHOplatform

Expanded View

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Clicking the Expand All check box, as highlighted in Figure 1, provides a detailed view of backup status.

In Expanded View, you may sort by Account Name and select the number of accounts displayed on the page. You do not need to click the Apply button to Expand All.

 image2020-9-18 11:9:11.png

Figure 1. Expand All Option.

Also, by clicking the status icon within the donut chart (see Figure 2), you can change the display to only that selected status in the expanded view. You do not need to click the Apply button to filter status with this option.

For example, if all the Filters: check boxes are selected as shown in Figure 2, and you click the completed status icon Completed status icon , then only the Completed check box remains selected and all other check boxes are cleared, as shown in Figure 3.

Before Status Filter Is Applied

Figure 2. Before Status Filter Is Applied.

When adding or removing additional filters by selecting their check boxes, you must click the Apply button to effect the changes.

After Status Filter Is Applied

Figure 3. After Status Filter Is Applied.