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Barracuda Intronis Backup
formerly ECHOplatform

Backup Status Sorted by Accounts and Filters

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You can use the Sort By drop-down menu to manage the backup status that you would like displayed graphically, as shown in Figure 1.

 Sort By drop-down menu

Figure 1. Graphic Status Sorted by Accounts and Filtered by Status.

You can sort the accounts that are to be displayed graphically by the following categories:

  • Account name (A-Z)
  • Account name (Z-A)
  • # of failed backups
  • % of failed backups
  • # of currently running

After you make your selections, the Changes have not yet been applied message is displayed, as shown below.

 Changes have not yet been applied message


Click the Apply button to apply the changes.

The Accounts Displayed Per Page and Viewing Page drop-down menus allow you to select the number of accounts to display as well as the page that you want to view.