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Barracuda Intronis Backup
formerly ECHOplatform

Navigation Links

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The following links are provided in the expanded status view:

  • Account
  • Status reason
  • Computer ID
  • Manually restart backup

Account Link

Clicking the Account link, highlighted in Figure 15, displays the Manage Account page.

 Account Link

Figure 1. Account Link.

Status Reason Link

Clicking the Reason column link, highlighted in Figure 2, displays the Backup Set Status Log.

 Status Reason Link

Figure 2. Status Reason Link.

Computer ID Link

Clicking the Computer ID link, highlighted in Figure 3, displays the Computer page.

 image2020-9-18 11:39:42.png

Figure 3. Computer ID Link.

Manually Restart Backup Link

Clicking the Manually Restart Backup link, highlighted in Figure 4, restarts the backup job.

 Manually Backup Restart Link

Figure 4. Manually Backup Restart Link.