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How System State Backups Work

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A system state backup stores operation system configuration files including the system registry, Active Directory, COM+ database, SysVol, Certificate Services, and IIS metabase. Windows supports system state backups on server versions of Windows only. System state backups can only be restored to identical hardware – for practical purposes, the machine the backup was made on.

When the software makes a system state backup, it calls on Windows Server Backup to create the system state backup files. Then, we back that file up using our File and Folder backup technology. The end result is that, if you restore your system state backup, you will get files that you can restore using Windows Server Backup.

See “System State Best Practices” in our knowledge base for more information. For additional information on backing up the Windows System State please contact Intronis Technical Support. As always you can reach us by phone at 1-800-569-0155 option 1, emailing or by live chat from the management portal.