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Barracuda ECHOplatform

Configure Billing Plans

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Applicable Products

These instructions apply to the following products:

  • Barracuda Intronis Backup - MSP
  • Barracuda Backup Appliances - MSP
  • Barracuda Essentials Services - MSP

Configure Custom Billing Plans

Before creating accounts, it is a good idea to configure your billing plans.  That way, when you create each new account, you can simply apply one of your billing plans, instead of selecting one of the place holder plans that Barracuda MSP supplies, and having to go back and edit your accounts, once you have created a plan.

Custom billing plans are designed to help you accurately bill your clients for the package they use while effectively managing their usage. Even if you already use other billing software, we recommend you setup custom billing plans within the ECHOplatform, as the plans are referenced by reports in ECHOplatform.

  1. Open a browser and go to https://manage.intronis.com
  2. On the ECHOplatform blue ribbon bar, click on Preferences, and when the drop-down menu is displayed select Configure Billing Plans.
  3. Click the Add Account Plan button to open the New Billing Plan dialog box.
  4. Enter a plan name in the space provided.  It is always a good idea to name a billing plan similar to the package plan you have on your contract.
  5. Enter the number of GBs you want to include in the base plan in the space provided. 
  6. Enter the price you will charge for the monthly base plan in the space provided.
  7. Enter the extra or incremental block size in GBs to be billed, once the base storage has been filled.
  8. Then enter the amount you will charge for the extra usage.
  9. Our Packages to you allow you to install on an unlimited number of computers, however we allow you to create a billing plan that allows the customer to install on a specific number of computers, providing more billing flexibility. To include unlimited computers select unlimited.
  10. Towards the bottom of the screen there are local licenses that you can charge your client. All of these local only features are included in the one flat rate that you are paying for your ECHOplatform. You can choose to charge individually for each of these licenses, or choose to include them in the billing plan by selecting unlimited.
  11. Once the form is completed, click Create Plan.
  12.  You can edit the plan at any time if you need to make changes by clicking on the plan name.
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