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Barracuda ECHOplatform

The View Purchased Essentials Services Page

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To access the View Purchased Essentials Services page, perform the following steps.

At the ECHOplatform ribbon, select More Services, Essential Services.

image2021-12-23 6:27:39.png

The View Purchased Essentials Services page is displayed.

image2021-12-23 6:31:20.png

After purchasing Essentials Services, if you manage subpartners, then you need to either assign the service to a subpartner and/or activate the service to a subpartner’s account. See Assigning Essential Services to Subpartners.


Text ColorMeaning
GrayIndicates that the service is activated
GreenIndicates that the service is activating
RedIndicates that the service failed activation.
Not FoundIndicates that no users are currently assigned to use the service.

The right side of the page displays a usage summary of all SMBs for all the products you purchased.

Also displayed are your contract purchases, along with a summary of any overages for those products.

image2021-12-23 6:32:50.png

On this page, you can do the following:

  • View number of users and contract overages.
  • View and filter accounts.
  • View information to modify or cancel services.
  • Access the Usage Audit Listings page.
  • Activate Essentials Services to an account.
  • Assign Essentials Services to subpartners.
  • Report issues or cancel services.

Viewing Options

The following table lists the viewing options available on this page and provides instructions to display them.

To view…

Do the following…

Essentials Services activated to the specific account

and how many users for each product.

Click the expansion image2021-12-23 6:40:11.png arrow beside the account name, as shown below.

 image2021-12-23 6:39:3.png

The information is displayed.

 image2021-12-23 6:39:33.png

All accounts,

Click the All Accounts drop-down arrow.

 image2021-11-17 15:25:51.png


Click All, as shown below.

 image2021-11-17 15:26:14.png

Primary Partner Accounts, or subpartner accounts,

Click the All Accounts drop-down arrow, and make your selection, as shown below.

 image2021-11-17 15:26:38.png


All accounts with a service in the Activating state,

Click the green icon, as shown below.

image2021-11-17 15:27:12.png


All failed activation,

Click the red exclamation mark, as shown below.

image2021-11-17 15:27:37.png


Accounts by initial letters,

At the alphabet directory, click any highlighted letter, as shown below.

image2021-11-17 15:28:57.png


Usage Audit Listing page.

At the account, click the Edit icon image2021-12-23 6:42:45.png.

How to modify or cancel Essentials Services,

Click the click here link on the message shown below.

image2021-12-23 6:43:40.png

The link displays the following product change form that you submit to Partner Support.

image2021-11-17 15:29:50.png







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