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Barracuda Intronis Backup
formerly ECHOplatform

Backup Options

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Backup Options

During the backup procedure, you can select one of the following backup options:

  • Online only
  • Local only (Data is not backed up to the cloud.)
  • Online and local

Note: Online and Local is shown only if the Local Vault is set up for this computer. The Local Only option is available if the Local Vault is set up and the computer has a Local Backup subscription assigned.

Online Only

Data is remotely stored on the cloud. An active Local Vault disables this option.

Local Only

Local only backup works in conjunction with an existing feature called the Local Vault. These backups are not stored on support servers and do not count toward your remote storage. Local Only also requires a local backup subscription. Without a local backup subscription, the local only option is unavailable.

Local Only backup sets are stored only on:

  • The original machine
  • A NAS device
  • Another local location
  • A network share

For Local Only backups, the local backup subscription and the Local Vault must be enabled.

Local-Only backups are ideal for data that needs to be backed up but that may not be the best candidate

for online backup. Some reasons to use Local-Only backups are for:

  • Media files that do not change and do not need daily revisions, such as .mp3s, .movs, .jpgs.
  • Non- critical personal data.
  • Data that the client does not want to pay for but still wants backed up (music and/or video libraries).
  • Exchange Mailbox backups – the messages are available locally if a client is missing an e-mail (the recommendation is to back up the Exchange Info Store servers online for Disaster Recovery).

Changing the Local Vault after a local backup is run means losing the backed-up data if the data is:

  • not manually moved to a new location.
  • not stored in the cloud, (online and local backup set).
Online and Local

Online and Local backup sets are stored locally and online. The Local Vault must be enabled.