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Backing Up QuickBooks

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This article will provide you two alternative methods for backing up QuickBooks data. The first method is recommended since the software performs better when backing up (.QBB) files than (.QBW) files.

  1. (Recommended) - You can use the backup functionality within QuickBooks to create a (.QBB) backup file and back up that file using a File and Folder backup set. It is important to note the (.QBB) file QuickBooks produces has a different name each time it is made. Because of this, consider adding a Before Action to rename it to something consistent or adding a Stray File Retention rule to prevent keeping excessive copies of the (.QBB) file.
  2. You can use a File and Folder backup set to back up the directories where QuickBooks data is stored locally. It is important you consult with Intuit on which directories need to be backed up to ensure nothing is missed. If you need help creating a File and Folder backup set, please see this page.