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Barracuda ECHOplatform

Restoring From a Daily Snapshot Older Than a Week

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In the event you want to restore files from a snapshot older than a week, you will need to go into the backup software and create a snapshot manually. These instructions will show you how to do that. The ability to restore from a snapshot older than a week is not present in the management portal.


  1. Open up the Backup Monitor and go to the Restore tab.
  2. In the Daily Snapshots section under Files and Folders, click on the New Snapshot option.
  3. A Create a New Snapshot window will appear allowing you to choose the date of your snapshot. When you have picked the date, click Apply and a new snapshot will appear on the list titled Older Than... for you to use.
  4. Expand the snapshot you just created to navigate to the files and folders you want to restore. Select those items from the right-hand panel and select Restore at the bottom.
  5. In the Restore Options window that appears, choose where to restore the files as well as what file details will be restored.
    Click Restore to initiate the restore.